Online payday loan, its fundamental benefits

Online financing is a type of financing that has emerged in the last decade as an alternative to traditional private financing as it was known a few years ago.

Before, when a company, an SME or a self-employed person needed financing for their business, they had no choice but to go back by the bank to obtain different financing alternatives; or go directly to your bank or usual box to request it, where you were offered generally more advantageous conditions.

With the emergence of the Internet and the development of new technologies, the online media has taken on weight in many sectors, and as it was not going to be less, also in the financial sector. This means that as these technologies have been developed, new business models have emerged such as online financing, among which is the alternative financing.

Online financing: what is it? How does it arise?

The online financing consists in making available to the client (in our case the company, SME or self-employed) the necessary resources to make an investment or to finance circulating by carrying out all the necessary procedures through the Internet in specialized platforms adapted to the online medium, whether alternative online financing platforms (known as Fintech) or traditional banking adapted to the Internet.

At the same time, the companies that have driven this online financing business model have been, for the most part, StartUps that offer alternative financing through crowdfunding, crowdlending, community shares, etc. That is to say, it has been this type of company that has been a pioneer in the business of online financing, with traditional banking being one step behind these platforms when it comes to implementing online financing as a financial product.

The benefits of online financing

Online financing has grown exponentially in recent years, with more and more financing platforms appearing in addition to the car of this booming business. Some of the benefits of online financing are:

Speed and ease of request

The majority of online financing platforms respond within a maximum period of 48 hours from the first contact in which the SME requests financing. Subsequently, it takes approximately another 48 hours to accept or deny the request, once all the relevant documentation has been delivered. This is what happens in the case of companies that seek financing online.

Flexibility, comfort, and control

Online financing offers the possibility to choose quantities and return modes. In addition, in many platforms like ours, you can orient yourself, and know, approximately the price of your financing. At the same time, you can control your loan from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day, 24 hours, 7 days a week.


Companies that request online financing can get convenient deadlines that fit their financing needs.


No small print. Online financing is what it is, so all the platforms that offer online loans have the obligation to expose the conditions of the loans in their web pages. 100% transparency

Online financing through crowdlending

One of the booming businesses in the online financing market is crowdlending platforms. This type of online financing puts investors, whether individuals or companies, in contact with companies seeking financing. This financing can be based on two types of financing:

  • Crowdfunding of loans to companies or P2P Lending ( peer-to-peer-lending or peer-to-business-lending ): Debt transactions between companies and individuals.
  • Discount of invoices or invoice trading: It is a type of crowdlending operations to finance collection rights, such as for discounting promissory notes.

Crowdlending as an online financing method has all the advantages of this, and in addition, many others like some of the ones that Jorge Segura, financial strategist, points out in his book ” CROWDLENDING: Invest as a professional “:

  • Outside of banking intermediation
  • The risk does not appear in the CIRBE
  • Does not cross-sell other financial products or cross-selling
  • The real total cost of a loan through crowdlending is lower
  • Access to financing for segments of companies with greater difficulties in obtaining financing
  • Collaborative economy
  • Advertising for the company on platforms that contain qualified traffic (investors)
  • Does not require mortgages on real estate banking style
  • There is no penalty for repayment or prepayment
  • Control over the data that is publicly exposed to the financing platform

What do you think of online financing? If you want to request your online payday loan with us, request it now at Citrus North index!

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Ask for a credit online in a simple and fast way

Image result for online creditsAs we have seen in previous posts, there are many financial institutions on the Internet that can be asked for an online credit, whether traditional banking or other alternative financing platforms such as crowdlending platforms.


Where can I request an online credit?


It is important to know where to ask for a loan- home Kentcountyarc. But if we focus on online credit, in the online financial market, both companies and freelancers (as well as individuals) can request a credit online. However, not all platforms offer to request this type of credit online in a fast way or with the advantages that can be achieved in crowdlending. You can check the different financing methods for companies in 2017.


Request a credit online through crowdlending

Request a credit online through crowdlending


Through crowdlending the company can benefit from multiple advantages such as enjoying great transparency, the repayments are free and it is a much quicker and more agile financing.

MytripleA is one of the crowdlending platforms in which you can ask for an online credit. This platform of loans between individuals is dedicated to putting in contact people who want to invest their savings, with those companies or freelancers who have financing needs, which ask for credits online.

Why apply for an online credit?

  • Agility of the process: The process of financing through online credit is done quickly so you can have your money in about 48 hours after the request.
  • Transparency in the operation: The expenses of the online credit operation are known by the company and no additional expense appears.
  • Free depreciation: The company can amortize its credit online without additional cost, both total and partial amortization.
  • It is not accompanied by additional products: When accessing online credit it is not necessary to contract additional products or services.

Pedir un crédito online


Request an online credit with MytripleA What is involved?

Request an online credit with MytripleA What is involved?


Although it is true that they are not immediate credits, like most of those that are delivered to individuals through online platforms; It is also true that they are fast online credits because the response to the request, once all the relevant documentation has been delivered, is less than 48 hours.


Why can MytripleA offer online credits?


The reason why MytripleA can offer the possibility of requesting credits online is nothing more and nothing less than its emblematic feature: to be a registered payment entity with a license from the Bank of Spain and to have a Participatory Funding Platform license granted by the CNMV. Being a payment entity, you do not need to contract external services with another payment entity, so the procedures are much more agile. Currently, MytripleA is the only crowdlending platform that has this license.


The simulator of the application before requesting the credit

Simulator of the application before requesting the credit


Ordering a credit online with MytripleA is very simple. In addition, we have a loan calculator for companies, through which you can know, approximately, what your online credit would be like with MytripleA before requesting it.

If after performing the credit simulation you are interested in this type of financing, you can request financing online with MytripleA completely free of charge and without obligation.

Do you want to know how our simulator works? Then keep reading

Our loan simulator is used to calculate the fee you want to pay for your online credit, introducing, in addition, the amount of money you need (between € 3,000 and € 300,000) and the term you want to pay.

It is a loan calculator that will calculate the monthly payment you should pay approximately. Another way to calculate the online credit you want to ask is choosing the fee you want to pay per month and the term of it, and then the simulator will tell you how much you could get with us.


How to request an online credit with MytripleA?


To request an online credit with MytripleA, you just have to follow the steps detailed in the “request financing” section of our website.

This is all you have to do to request your credit online:

  • Apply for credit online on our website
  • Send all the documentation requested by MytripleA
  • In record time you will have an answer to your request
  • In case of approval, it is published on the platform and starts to anchor
  • Sign the financing policy
  • Receive the money in your bank account
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Siim Kallas: "In Europe the changes of side are not forgotten"

In Europe the changes of side are not forgotten

  • The European liberal family is going through difficult times. The loss of votes in Germany and the United Kingdom in the elections to the European Parliament left in a very weak situation a political force accustomed to being the third most powerful and benefiting from its role as a hinge in the political pacts of the institution. The response of its leader, Guy Verhofstadt, has been to open the doors to new training, including UPyD and Citizens, which has led to a crisis with its historical partners, CDC and, to a lesser extent, PNV. Even so, it has become the fourth group of the institution. Liberal Siim Kallas, European Transport Commissioner and former Prime Minister of Estonia, is sympathetic to Verhofstadt’s strategy.

Do you share the strategy of the European liberal group?
The European Parliament is different from the national ones. The groups are not so homogeneous. Liberals have always had a wide variety of parties, but always based on two principles: economic liberties and social liberals. The ideal is obviously to vote as close as possible, especially on important issues. But it is a difficult issue. If we wanted to have a very homogeneous group, then it would be a very small group. And so you can not do anything, because you have no influence to move the European agenda.

Convergència weighs accepting the offer of the ECR group, led by the British Eurosceptics, and leaving the liberal, how would you like that movement?

Politically it does not make a very good impression to change sides. In European politics those things are never forgotten, that’s what my experience tells me.

Do you advise against going out?

I do not want to pronounce the Spanish situation in particular. In general terms, people who think about leaving the group would say that there is no hurry. Leaving a group after so many years is a very important step. I think it’s better to wait and see. You can always change groups later, if you are very frustrated or disappointed, or if those parties are too problematic for you.

Are you worried about the political situation in Catalonia?

Are you worried about the political situation in Catalonia?

As a European Commissioner I do not want to speak, I know it can be a very sensitive issue. Some things may be so attached to the hearts of people that it is not smart for a foreigner to speak out about it. My readings on contemporary Spanish history, which I started as a child, advise me to stay out of the subject.

During its mandate, the EU has declared a priority to build the Mediterranean rail corridor. Can European financing compensate for the budgetary constraints that Spain is going through?

The corridor is part of a larger project, and we are very pleased that the trans-European networks have ceased to be a ‘power point’ and have become projects that are starting up. Its importance lies in its cross-border value. Now we have three times more money than before to support it. Your destination will depend on the specific projects. But co-financing is there and there is the possibility of borrowing, because they are infrastructures that will provide benefits. If there is a commitment to do so, it will be done, although it will depend a lot on the ability of officials, economists and engineers to prepare the project and mobilize the available means. If we fail, in the next European budgetary period can make other decisions, other priorities. So, among all, what has been agreed upon must be put into practice.

There are works of some stretches of the Mediterranean corridor that are awarded but that are not being built because the money does not arrive.

It is up to Spain to find solutions, from here it is difficult to say which is a lamedor option.

Why does it cost so much that at European level projects like this one go ahead?

In this case, I believe that technically and financially it is feasible. The main problem we face is conflicts between member states, France in the case of Spain. The key is to have the same vision, as now, and things will move forward.
In the medium term there are problems in France due to the lack of agreement on the works of the line in Montpellier and Persignan, or the bypass in Lyon.
France has declared that it is committed to the development of this railway corridor and that is what is important. When there have been problems in previous projects of the trans-European networks from here we have tried to solve them by appointing mediators. In the future they will still be more useful because they will have more functions and means to act.

Were you surprised that with the change of government Spain rethink the projects that Brussels wanted to declare priority?

In these negotiations there has been a lot of struggle with the governments of Spain, but at my level the fight was mostly over the inclusion of ports. No minister has come to me questioning the inclusion of the Mediterranean corridor.

The PP government did request the inclusion of the central crossing of the Pyrenees.

The PP government did request the inclusion of the central crossing of the Pyrenees.

Yes, it has always been an idea that we have talked about for a long time. But with the resources that Spain and the European Union have right now, you have to make decisions, choose. Nobody is against that tunnel but you can imagine the means that suppose … Better let’s concentrate now on these two corridors, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, let’s do that first. The central crossing of the Pyrenees is still in the future plans but today what I always tell the people who come with the idea of ​​tunneling is that you have to think about money. Nowadays, building a tunnel has an astronomical cost, due to safety, environmental requirements … Even the La Mancha tunnel, which has around 100 million people, has always faced financial difficulties. So let’s be rational. Hopefully also that France and Spain improve the roads to facilitate cross-border traffic but let’s make the two corridors first.

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Cheap credits to buy an aquarium

If one of your hobbies are animals, marine plants and everything related to the aquatic world, on the next page, you can find different credits to buy the aquarium you always wanted at the best price and have the capital in minutes in your account.

Aquariums are objects that serve to recreate a marine ecosystem and present in it all the elements that make it up, such as flora, fauna, type of water, etc. Therefore, the aquarium must incorporate the appropriate means so that fish and other species can live naturally and without difficulties.

For these reasons, it is essential that, if we decide to have an aquarium, all the elements and animals that compose it are in symphony in order to survive and fulfill their mission.

What kind of aquarium can we buy?

There are different aquariums or fish tanks currently, in particular, 3 and they differ from each other by the type of water they contain: marine or saltwater aquariums, tropical aquarium, fresh or hot water and cold water aquariums. Regarding the price, it can vary a lot depending on the material with which they are made, the size they have, the accessories they incorporate, etc.

Marine or saltwater aquarium: in these cases, we can find a great diversity of animals and plants, so they require special care. They need a cooler that gives them a great variety of colors, shapes, etc. The most common fish of this type of aquarium are butterflies, clowns, and damsels. However, if what we want is a show of colors and shapes, the most recommendable thing is that we opt for the corals.
Tropical aquarium, fresh or hot water: in these cases, the water in the tank should be between 22 and 27 º, which will transform the aquarium into an ideal space for small fish such as Guppys, Mollys, and Platys. The main advantages of these models are that they are very simple in terms of assembly, they have a very simple maintenance system and allow us to introduce a great variety of species. Now, we must be careful about the types of fish that we introduce, since they can be incompatible, so it is recommended that, first, we inform ourselves.
Aquarium of cold water: these models are usually the ones chosen to introduce us to the marine world, since their maintenance and assembly are simpler and, in addition, we can obtain different fish at a very good price. The water temperature should be around 18 º and the larger the aquarium, the better the water quality will be preserved.
Within each category, we can buy different aquariums and, in addition, countless accessories, accessories, and species to obtain what we were looking forward to. In fact, buying an aquarium is something very personal, since it will represent, to some extent, our personality.

Useful credits to finance an aquarium

If we decide to apply for a loan to buy an aquarium, have loans when you need money fast.

Financing through department stores: it is one of the best options to which we can resort, since they will allow us to obtain the product instantly and, only, we will have to return the capital in comfortable monthly installments. In fact, on many occasions, we will find that the financing does not include any interest rate so we will only have to return the money equivalent to the price of the aquarium.
Credit cards: thanks to these plastics we can have money on credit instantly and return it the following month without any additional cost or, on the contrary, in monthly installments that do include interest.
Bank loans: there are different consumer loans offered by banks with small amounts and with interest, generally very low or even nil, such as payroll advances. These products can be very useful to buy aquariums since we can dispose of the capital in a short time and return it with a relatively cheap fee.

Minicommitments to 0% to finance aquariums

In addition to the products presented previously, we can also use mini-credits. Although these are created to solve emergencies or situations of lack of liquidity and not to buy whims, we can take advantage of the offers of free mini loans to dispose of the money without costs and buy the aquarium.

How to buy an aquarium at the best price?

We have already commented that there is no average price for aquariums. In fact, we can find models ranging from € 10 to the most expensive, which can cost € 3,000 or even more. In any case, it is important that we know the purpose that we want to give the aquarium – be it decorative, hobby, to familiarize ourselves with some species and get to know it better, etc.) – since, thus, we can make the best possible decision and, Above all, at the best price.

It is also important that we are attentive to the possible offers and promotions that can be launched by the stores specializing in these products. In turn, we should avoid comparing in times of large expenses such as Christmas, since prices tend to increase considerably.

We can also consider the option of buying a second-hand aquarium, as it will be, cheaper insurance. However, if we decide to do so, it is important that we have a minimum knowledge on the subject or that someone advise us to make sure that the aquarium we are going to buy is in good condition, especially in regard to the quality ratio -price.

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Two detainees of a gang that committed fraud in Spain dismantled after a complaint in Oleiros (A Coruña)


The Prevention Area of ​​the Main Post of the Civil Guard of Cambre (A Coruña) has arrested two individuals, a man and a woman, who were engaged as a way of life to defraud individuals, credit institutions, commercial establishments and hotel establishments . They belonged to a band that operated in national territory and that has been dismantled after a complaint in Oleiros.

As reported by the Armed Institute, in the framework of the so-called Operation Capelán, men and women were arrested following the complaint of an anonymous citizen who had rented a holiday apartment in the town of Santa Cristina, in the Coruña municipality of Oleiros.

The affected, before the theft of a television and the damage caused to the property by said persons, informed the agents of the Post of Cambre the supposed identity of the tenants, but the guards found that the identities provided were false.

Then, once the tenants left the aforementioned hotel establishment, a search device was established in the town of Santa Cristina, whereby they were intercepted minutes later by these people hidden inside a cafeteria. After being required by the Civil Guard to show their identification, they again facilitated a false identity.

For these reasons, the suspect agents could be dedicated “in a generalized manner to the commission of more criminal acts using the identity of third parties,” said the same sources, who said that the agents proceeded to arrest for identity theft, as well as for theft and damages, both committed inside the hotel establishment.

They were transferred to official offices for full identification, which, “after intense information work by the Civil Guard,” said the same sources, they can identify “without any doubt as SCB and MVS.”



Both individuals, according to the investigators, allegedly led “a criminal organization dedicated to committing scams against individuals through falsified national identity documents” and the “fabrication of a parallel life around each usurped identity”, the Benemérita emphasizes, through of work contracts, falsified payrolls, awards of new email addresses, as well as contact information created for that purpose (emails, mobile telephony terminals, a false address, etc.).

The Armed Institute highlights that the head of the organization, SCB, had numerous criminal records for crimes against property and was fled from the Justice since 2016, mainly for the commission of scams throughout the national territory with search warrants, arrest and person in force.

Also, they were in the investigation phase “numerous criminal acts allegedly committed by the detainees and related to this criminal offense committed throughout the national territory, in addition to having determined the judicial authority their immediate entry into prison,” highlight the same sources.


At the time of the arrest, numerous identity documents of different people, several computer equipment, USB sticks, a laser printer, numerous documents were used, among which were credit and debit cards issued by banking entities in the name of other identities, numerous mobile telephone terminals, a multitude of SIM cards, as well as a significant amount of different types of psychotropic substances. The detainees have also been investigated for a possible crime against public health for drug trafficking.

Among all the documentation intervened, the Civil Guard notes “multitude of invoices in the name of third parties”, which was classified in files according to the type of documentation, as well as handwritten notes in which each of the credits acquired by each false profile to the corresponding identity as well as a “large amount of counterfeit payrolls issued by fictitious companies”.

The agents verified the extensive exploitation work that they carried out of each of the false identities in order to acquire cash through bank loans and “to be able to make all kinds of purchases online, or through credit cards issued by large companies. establishments selling technology “.

In addition, they made “always purchases of high-end technological products, for which they used a meticulous administrative work to carry out an exhaustive control of the economic activity generated with the elaboration of individualized deceptions”.

The detainees were settled in the province of A Coruña in recent months and obtained data on the victims through their DNI, “mostly stolen by people from their criminal environment and through extensive social engineering,” say the same sources.


Image result for modus operandiThe modus operandi they used was to fraudulently obtain personal documentation from a person, “who was associated with a perfectly credible fictitious life, was created a false job with a false remuneration, and thus to create a true web of identities “, specifies the Armed Institute, to which the banking entities, as well as large commercial establishments, granted all types of microloans for consumption of up to 3,000 euros for the acquisition of high-end technological products that they would later sell on second-hand online portals, leaving the only trail.

The detainees lived in an itinerant way so as not to arouse suspicion, always staying in tourist apartments with a fictitious identity and not paying the rent and destroying the apartments in which they stayed.

At the time of the arrest, they met with two other people whom they used to make postage in exchange for payments in kind – mainly technological products – of which one of them was arrested and released by the agents.

The detainees have been brought to justice after what the judicial authority has decreed their entry into prison. The process is in the process of being investigated, so the investigations continue in order to clarify “all the possible criminal acts committed by these individuals,” the same sources conclude.


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