Ask for a credit online in a simple and fast way

Image result for online creditsAs we have seen in previous posts, there are many financial institutions on the Internet that can be asked for an online credit, whether traditional banking or other alternative financing platforms such as crowdlending platforms.


Where can I request an online credit?


It is important to know where to ask for a loan- home Kentcountyarc. But if we focus on online credit, in the online financial market, both companies and freelancers (as well as individuals) can request a credit online. However, not all platforms offer to request this type of credit online in a fast way or with the advantages that can be achieved in crowdlending. You can check the different financing methods for companies in 2017.


Request a credit online through crowdlending

Request a credit online through crowdlending


Through crowdlending the company can benefit from multiple advantages such as enjoying great transparency, the repayments are free and it is a much quicker and more agile financing.

MytripleA is one of the crowdlending platforms in which you can ask for an online credit. This platform of loans between individuals is dedicated to putting in contact people who want to invest their savings, with those companies or freelancers who have financing needs, which ask for credits online.

Why apply for an online credit?

  • Agility of the process: The process of financing through online credit is done quickly so you can have your money in about 48 hours after the request.
  • Transparency in the operation: The expenses of the online credit operation are known by the company and no additional expense appears.
  • Free depreciation: The company can amortize its credit online without additional cost, both total and partial amortization.
  • It is not accompanied by additional products: When accessing online credit it is not necessary to contract additional products or services.

Pedir un crédito online


Request an online credit with MytripleA What is involved?

Request an online credit with MytripleA What is involved?


Although it is true that they are not immediate credits, like most of those that are delivered to individuals through online platforms; It is also true that they are fast online credits because the response to the request, once all the relevant documentation has been delivered, is less than 48 hours.


Why can MytripleA offer online credits?


The reason why MytripleA can offer the possibility of requesting credits online is nothing more and nothing less than its emblematic feature: to be a registered payment entity with a license from the Bank of Spain and to have a Participatory Funding Platform license granted by the CNMV. Being a payment entity, you do not need to contract external services with another payment entity, so the procedures are much more agile. Currently, MytripleA is the only crowdlending platform that has this license.


The simulator of the application before requesting the credit

Simulator of the application before requesting the credit


Ordering a credit online with MytripleA is very simple. In addition, we have a loan calculator for companies, through which you can know, approximately, what your online credit would be like with MytripleA before requesting it.

If after performing the credit simulation you are interested in this type of financing, you can request financing online with MytripleA completely free of charge and without obligation.

Do you want to know how our simulator works? Then keep reading

Our loan simulator is used to calculate the fee you want to pay for your online credit, introducing, in addition, the amount of money you need (between € 3,000 and € 300,000) and the term you want to pay.

It is a loan calculator that will calculate the monthly payment you should pay approximately. Another way to calculate the online credit you want to ask is choosing the fee you want to pay per month and the term of it, and then the simulator will tell you how much you could get with us.


How to request an online credit with MytripleA?


To request an online credit with MytripleA, you just have to follow the steps detailed in the “request financing” section of our website.

This is all you have to do to request your credit online:

  • Apply for credit online on our website
  • Send all the documentation requested by MytripleA
  • In record time you will have an answer to your request
  • In case of approval, it is published on the platform and starts to anchor
  • Sign the financing policy
  • Receive the money in your bank account